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MAXUS Parts Catalouge: MAXUS T60 Spare Parts Direct

MAXUS Parts Catalouge: MAXUS T60 Spare Parts Direct

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MAXUS Parts Catalouge: MAXUS T60 Spare Parts Direct

MAXUS T60 pickup, was unveiled by China SAIC Motor on November 18, 2016 officially.

On June 12, 2017, the first batch of 300 SAIC Maxus T60 pickup trucks was shipped to Chile. So far Maxus are popular in Chile, Australia, UK and etc.



Its rich models provide customers with diversified choices, which makes it a success. 



MAXUS T60 carries 5 different engines (power is subject to model), and transmission 5MT/6MT/6AT.



Are you still looking for MAXUS Parts Catalogue? 

Here, MOTORTEC, an auto parts company with 15 years of experience in auto parts business for overseas market. We sincerely invite experienced auto parts company to develop MAXUS parts market together. 

Pls find our below MAXUS Parts Direct for your reference, and you are welcome to visit our page for MAXUS Parts.

As MAUXS parts dealer, we are able to provide our customer full range of auto spare parts, covering engine parts, chassis parts, steering parts, bearings, filters, radiators...


MAXUS T60 Parts Direct:


In the principle of "makes auto parts procurement simple"

we have continuously improved our service and product quality in recent years. Our brand MOTEC sells well in overseas markets with a good reputation.



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