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MAXUS Engine Parts

MAXUS Engine Parts

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MAXUS Engine Parts

MAXUS Car many parts and components included in the automobile MAXUS engine assembly. Among them, the components of the crank connecting rod mechanism include three parts, namely the piston connecting rod group: piston, piston ring, piston pin, connecting rod; crankshaft flywheel group: crankshaft, flywheel, torsional shock absorber, balance shaft; body group: cylinder block, cylinder gasket, cylinder head, crankcase, cylinder liner, and oil pan. Next, let's analyze in detail which parts are composed of other parts:

MAXUS Lubrication system: It includes several parts such as an oil pump, oil cooler, machine filter, and oil filter.

MAXUS Valve mechanism: mainly includes valves, valve guides, valve seats, valve locks, valve springs, and other components.

MAXUS Fuel supply system: Exhaust pipe, intake pipe, oil pressure pulse attenuator, and other parts are combined.

MAXUS Cooling system: It is mainly composed of cooling fans, water pumps, thermostats, radiators, cooling fans, etc.

MAXUS Ignition system: mainly includes ignition coil, capacitor breaker, distributor, spark plug, and other components.

MAXUS Starting system: a combination of ignition switch, battery, wires, and motors.

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