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Jetour X95 Car

Jetour X95 Car

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Jetour X95 Car

The whole image of JETOUR X95 is on the hard-core sports route, with a very large hexagonal grille at the front, a dotted chrome center grille inside, and a circle of chrome trim around the border. The full LED headlights on both sides are three-dimensional in shape and are connected to the grille with the chrome trim above. The fog lamps below are in the family tradition of the four-eye design. The entire front of the car for the atmosphere and the interpretation of the sport is quite in place, and the texture is superb.

On the side, the car adopts the very popular suspended roof design. Together with the two-segment waistline embellishment, the large body looks very tight. It is worth noting that the wheels of the car amount to 20 inches, and the calipers are painted in red, presenting a rather dynamic visual effect.

The JETOUR X95 is a 7-seater, with 5 and 6-seater options available. The dimensions of the car are 4875/1925/1780mm and the wheelbase is 2855mm, which is the peak level in a mid-size SUV. You should know that the wheelbase of the Hanlanda is only 2790mm.

JETOUR X95 is equipped with a 1.6T + 7DCT combination powertrain, with a maximum power of 197hp and peak torque of 290Nm

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