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What is the role of the clutch kit

First of all, the OEM quality clutch kit ensures that the car starts smoothly: this is the main function of the clutch. After the engine is started and before the car starts, the driver first steps on the clutch pedal, disengages the clutch, disengages the engine and the driveline, then shifts the transmission into gear, and then gradually releases the clutch pedal to gradually engage the clutch kit.

How to maintain the radiator for MAXUS in daily life

In daily use, the water level in the radiator should be checked at any time, and water should be added after the machine is stopped to cool down. When adding water, slowly open the water tank cover, and the operator's body should be kept away from the water inlet of the radiator for MAXUS as much as possible to prevent burns caused by the water outlet of the high-pressure steam oil.
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