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How to maintain the radiator for MAXUS in daily life

How to maintain the radiator for MAXUS in daily life

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How to maintain the radiator for MAXUS in daily life

The car radiator for MAXUS is the main part of the car cooling system or an important part of the car engine. Its function helps the heat dissipation of the car engine and other components to adjust the temperature. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the car radiator in daily life. Today, the editor of MotorTec Auto Parts will take you to learn some measures to maintain the radiator.
1. The radiator for MAXUS should not come into contact with any acid, alkali or other corrosive properties. The effective environment of the spare radiator should be kept ventilated and dry.
2. It is recommended to use soft and hard water after softening to avoid blockage and scale formation inside the radiator.

radiator for MAXUS
3. When using antifreeze, in order to prevent the radiator for MAXUS from being corroded, be sure to use a long-term antirust antifreeze that is produced by regular manufacturers and meets national standards.
4. In the process of installing the radiator, please do not damage the heat dissipation belt (sheet) and bump the radiator to ensure the normal heat dissipation capacity and sealing.
5. When the radiator for MAXUS is completely drained and then filled with water, turn on the water drain switch of the engine block first, and then turn it off when water flows out, so as to avoid blisters.

radiator for MAXUS
6. In daily use, the water level in the radiator should be checked at any time, and water should be added after the machine is stopped to cool down. When adding water, slowly open the water tank cover, and the operator's body should be kept away from the water inlet of the radiator for MAXUS as much as possible to prevent burns caused by the water outlet of the high-pressure steam oil.
7. In winter, in order to prevent the radiator from freezing and causing the core to break, such as long-term parking or indirect parking, the water tank cover and water discharge switch should be closed to release all the water.
8. Depending on the actual situation, the user should completely clean the core of the radiator for MAXUS within one to three months. When cleaning, rinse with clean water along the reverse air inlet direction. The water level gauge should also be cleaned on time according to the actual situation, and the dismantled parts should be cleaned with warm water and non-corrosive detergent.


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