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How to maintain the car engine

How to maintain the car engine

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How to maintain the car engine

1. Use the appropriate quality grade of lubricating oil



For gasoline engines, SD-SF grade gasoline engine oil should be used according to the additional devices of the intake and exhaust system and the use conditions; for diesel engines, CB-CD grade diesel engine oil should be used according to the mechanical load, and the selection standard should be no less than the requirements specified by the manufacturer.


2. Change oil and filter element regularly



Any quality grade of lubricating oil will change in the process of use. After a certain mileage, the performance deteriorates and will bring various problems to the engine. In order to avoid malfunctions, oil should be changed regularly in conjunction with the conditions of use, and the amount of oil should be moderate (generally the upper limit of the oil scale is good). When oil passes through the fine holes of the filter, solid particles and viscous substances in the oil accumulate in the filter. If the filter is blocked, the oil cannot pass through the filter element, it will swell the filter element or open the safety valve and pass through the bypass valve, still bringing the dirt back to the lubrication part, prompting the engine to wear, and the internal pollution increases.


3. Keep the crankcase well ventilated


Now most gasoline engines are equipped with PCV valve (crankcase forced ventilation device) to promote engine air exchange, but the contaminants in the air "will be deposited around the PCV valve, may make the valve blocked. If the PCV valve is blocked, the polluted gas reverse flow of the air filter, polluting the filter element, so that the filtering capacity is reduced, the inhalation of the mixture is too dirty, causing more crankcase pollution, resulting in increased fuel consumption, increased engine wear, and even damage to the engine. Therefore, regular maintenance of the PCV, clear the pollutants around the PCV valve.


4. Regularly clean the crankcase


Engine in the process of operation, the combustion chamber of high pressure unburn gas, acid, water, sulfur and nitrogen oxides through the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder wall into the crankcase, and parts of the metal powder generated by wear mixed together, the formation of sludge. When the amount of less suspended in the oil, the amount of large precipitation from the oil, blocking the filter and oil holes, resulting in engine lubrication difficulties, causing wear. In addition, oil oxidation at high temperatures will generate varnish and carbon bonded to the piston, so that the engine fuel consumption increases, power decreases, and in serious cases, the piston ring stuck and pull cylinder. Therefore, regularly use BGl05 (lubrication system efficient and rapid cleaning agent) to clean the crankcase to keep the engine clean inside.


5. Regularly clean the fuel system


In the process of supplying fuel to the combustion chamber through the oil circuit, gum and carbon will inevitably be formed and deposited in the oil channel, carburetor, fuel injection nozzle and combustion chamber, interfering with the fuel flow, destroying the normal air-fuel ratio, causing poor fuel atomization, resulting in engine wheezing, popping vibration, unstable idle speed, poor acceleration and other performance problems. Use BG208 (fuel system powerful and efficient cleaning agent) to clean the fuel system and use BG202 regularly to control the generation of carbon, which can always keep the engine in the best condition.


6. Regular maintenance of water tank


Rust and scale in the engine water tank is the most common problem. Rust and scale will restrict the flow of coolant in the cooling system, reducing the cooling effect, leading to engine overheating and even causing engine damage. Coolant oxidation will also form acids that corrode the metal parts of the water tank, causing tank breakage and leakage. Regular use of BG540 (water tank powerful and efficient cleaning agent) to clean the water tank to remove the rust and scale, not only to ensure the normal operation of the engine, but also to extend the overall life of the water tank and engine.


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