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How the MAXUS drive shaft works

How the MAXUS drive shaft works

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How the MAXUS drive shaft works

Nowadays, cars have become a necessity in people's lives, and everyone is familiar with the car drive shaft, but many people don't know the drive shaft, Let's find out together.

The principle of the MAXUS drive shaft is that the drive shaft of the car works through three important components, the shaft tube, the telescopic sleeve, and the universal joint, which cooperate with each other. The transmission shaft is a rotating body with high speed and few supports, so dynamic balance is very important. 
Generally, the transmission shaft of MAXUS must undergo a dynamic balance test before leaving the factory and adjusting it on the balancing machine. The MAXUS transmission shaft is the shaft that transmits the rotation of the transmission to the final drive for a car with a front-engine rear-wheel drive. The transmission shaft can have several sections, and the sections can be connected by universal joints. The MAXUS transmission shaft assembly is installed between the transmission and the rear axle and transmits the torque and rotational motion from the transmission to the final drive of the rear axle.


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