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How should the OEM quality engine parts be maintained

How should the OEM quality engine parts be maintained

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How should the OEM quality engine parts be maintained

The engine is called the "heart" of the car, and it continuously outputs power for the vehicle. How to maintain the OEM quality engine parts is related to the quality of the entire vehicle. Let's take a look at the key points that need to be paid attention to in engine maintenance. Only by grasping the key points can the engine parts be maintained. Do more with less.OEM quality engine parts1. Use good quality lubricating oil.
Engine oil, that is, the lubricating oil of the engine, can lubricate, clean, cool, seal, and reduce the wear of OEM quality engine parts. Only the use of qualified lubricating oil can reduce the wear of engine parts and prolong the service life. 
2. Use a qualified coolant (antifreeze).
It is very important that the OEM quality engine parts of the car need to be cooled by the water tank, otherwise the engine will easily "boil" and cause fatal damage to the engine. Therefore, it is usually necessary to ensure that the coolant in the water tank is kept at a normal level, and a good quality coolant should be selected, especially in winter, a suitable coolant should be selected according to the ambient temperature.
3. Regularly clean the scale of the water tank.
In automobile OEM quality engine parts, rust and fouling of the engine water tank are easy problems. Rust and scale can restrict the flow of coolant through the cooling system, reducing heat dissipation, causing the engine to overheat, and even causing engine damage. Therefore, in daily maintenance, it is necessary to select the appropriate proportion of coolant according to the specific situation. OEM quality engine parts4. Replace the car's "three filters" on time.The three filters refer to the air filter, the oil filter, and the gasoline filter. The three filters play a role in filtering air, oil, and gasoline on the OEM quality engine parts, thereby protecting the engine and improving the working efficiency of the engine. Therefore, in order to keep the engine in the best condition, it is necessary to replace the filter element in time at the specified time.
5. Maintain a reasonable speed.
In normal driving, a reasonable speed can make the engine run normally, but if the engine runs at a low speed or high speed for a long time, the OEM quality engine parts will be overloaded, which will not only consume more fuel but also easily damage the engine. The gears are well-matched, and the accelerator should be stepped on lightly, not hard.


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