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Hard style MG RX8

Hard style MG RX8

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Hard style MG RX8

The MG RX8 real vehicle, built on Roewe RX8, is mainly aimed at overseas markets. It is a very hard SUV. It is designed with a nonbearing body and has a differential lock. It is not inferior to Toyota Prado. It is a strong competitor of Toyota Holanda. It has good off-road performance and a very spacious interior space.


The overall originality of the appearance is quite high. Chinanet adopts a very powerful horizontal line design, which looks very tough. The design of the headlight group is very impressive. The side adopts a very strong body line, and the design of the window line is also very strong and stretched. The design of the five-spoke wheel hub is simple and practical. The shape of the tail is very aggressive, and it is also very tough. The design of the tail lamp group is also very delicate.

The interior central control uses a very high-end brown style with a black design, which has a strong sense of class. The steering wheel is relatively sturdy. The design of the central control screen is very simple, and there are not many physical buttons. Very good interior performance.

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