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Geely in the eyes of the engine

Geely in the eyes of the engine

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Geely in the eyes of the engine

First, a brief introduction to the structure of the engine will help you better understand the engine. The two major mechanisms of an automobile engine are the crank connecting rod mechanism and the valve mechanism. The five major systems are the crank connecting rod mechanism, the valve mechanism, the starting system, the lubrication system, the cooling system, the fuel supply system, and the ignition system. The car engine is the engine that provides power for the car and is the heart of the car, which affects the power, economy and environmental protection of the car.
Next, I will focus on the two most commonly encountered when purchasing models: the difference between turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines, that is, the difference between the "T" of 1.5T and the "L" of 2.0L , knowing this difference can also choose a more suitable car for you.
Since the English of turbocharged is turbo, the letter T is used to identify turbocharged, and our common 1.5T2.0T represents a turbocharged engine with a displacement of 1.5 liters or 2.0 liters.
What is naturally aspirated. Before the early engine had no turbocharging technology, the amount of intake air was determined by the amount of air drawn into the cylinder by the piston. Since the cylinder volume was fixed, the maximum power of the engine could only be fixed at this level. In the next process of the piston, the air is sucked into the cylinder. This process belongs to the natural flow of air without the interference of external factors, so it is called natural suction.
The turbocharger is due to the limited air intake of the self-priming engine, and its power level is average. In order to obtain more power without changing the physical structure of the engine, a technology similar to a blower is used to use the engine. The exhausted thrust pushes the turbine, which rotates the turbine and then drives the coaxial compressor to rotate together. After the compressor rotates, it presses air into the engine, thus solving the problem of limited intake air. After the intake air volume of the engine increases, it can output more power after being mixed with more mist fuel and exploded and combusted. This is the principle of turbocharging technology.
Which engine is better? In fact, there is no absolute answer. It can only be said that in the case of traffic jams in the city or in the case of slow driving, self-priming is more suitable. At high speed, the power performance of the turbo will be stronger. Correspondingly, the former has a relatively long service life and low maintenance costs, while the latter has a short service life and high maintenance costs.
Some time ago, Geely released a new research result--Raytheon Hybrid Technology. Judging from the published data, this set of hybrid technology is very powerful, with a fuel consumption of only 3.9 liters per 100 kilometers, and the third-speed H transmission is the first in the world, which also gives Geely certain technical support in the field of new energy.

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