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From January to July China's auto export sales were 2.015 million units

From January to July China's auto export sales were 2.015 million units

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From January to July China's auto export sales were 2.015 million units

In 2021, China's auto exports reached 2.015 million units, a leap forward from 10 years ago. From January to July this year, 1.6 million vehicles were exported, up 44.5% year-on-year, with a growth rate higher than that of major global auto exporters, accounting for a global export market share of 5.6%, up 4 percentage points from 10 years ago.


Countries along the Belt and Road are still the main market for China's auto exports, accounting for more than 40%. This year, the growth rate of exports to developed economies is higher than the average growth rate, accounting for 1.3 percentage points to 37.7%, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Chile, and the United Kingdom are China's top five export markets.


At the same time, the technical level of China's new energy vehicle industry has improved significantly, and exports have entered a rapid development phase, and are now sold to more than 100 countries and regions. From January to July this year, new energy vehicles exported 295,000 units with a turnover of $8.79 billion, more than double, contributing 46.64% to the growth of auto exports.


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