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Extreme quality GEELY Atlas

Extreme quality GEELY Atlas

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Extreme quality GEELY Atlas

The automobile has gradually become the transportation tool that every family needs. The market is also in desperate need of an SUV that meets Chinese household demand at a price that is affordable. 2022 Atlas (parameters | inquiry) came into being. As a 100,000 yuan level SUV, the price has been made people-friendly. And, at such a price, is the 2022 Atlas Super High appearance, excellent driving comfort, and extreme quality of work.

If you see the 2022 Beauvoir, I believe, at first glance, you will fall in love with it, the panther-like golden ratio waistline: from the front door to the rear, coupled with the suspension of the roof, highlights the vehicle's sporty temperament; Is the current popular design, but also the continuation of the Atlas classic design. Fashion, sports, and the SUV will be tough and beautiful cars combined. 2022 Atlas, worthy of the name of good-looking. 

Sit in the car, you will be 2022 Atlas exquisite workmanship and quality impressed. From the steering wheel to the center control, as far as the eye can see, 80% of the area is wrapped in 80% soft leather, and the use of green materials and technology, comfort, safety, environmental protection, a combination.

Driving the 2022 model on the road, the ultimate comfort will also make you feel very comfortable.Central Europe team co-chassis adjustment, with the standard mode, comfort mode, and sports mode, calmly deal with various road conditions.

The price of such an excellent SUV was set at only 100,000 yuan, a price that most Chinese families could readily accept. It could be said that the car was good and affordable. The new generation of national SUV was the 2022 Atlas.


Our Company MOTORTEC have range of GEELY Parts cars includes Panda(LC), GC6, Atlas, EMGRAND EC7.


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