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Exploring the car “steering rack”

Exploring the car “steering rack”

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Exploring the car “steering rack”

In the modern automobile industry, steering rack plays a vital role. It is not only a component that connects the steering wheel and wheels, but also a core component for the driver to control the direction of the vehicle. Let's explore this seemingly simple but complex device together.

steering rack

1. Practical technology

How does the steering rack convert steering wheel rotation into wheel steering? The principle is actually very simple. It uses internal gears and racks to mesh with each other, converting the rotation of the steering wheel into horizontal movement, and then transmits it to the wheels. This allows the driver to control the steering of the car through the steering wheel.

2. Type and design

On the market, we can see various types of steering racks. Traditional mechanical racks are still widely used in some models, while electric power-assisted steering racks have become the mainstream of modern cars. The electric steering rack makes driving easier and smoother through the assistance of the electric system.

3. Maintenance and maintenance

As an important component of the car, the steering rack is subject to tremendous pressure and wear during daily driving. Therefore, regular maintenance and upkeep are particularly important. Keeping the rack lubricated and clean and replacing seriously worn parts in time can effectively extend the service life of the steering rack.


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