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Composition of MAXUS automobile steering system

Composition of MAXUS automobile steering system

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Composition of MAXUS automobile steering system

MAXUS automobile steering system consists of a steering wheel, steering shaft, steering intermediate shaft, steering oil pipe, steering oil pump, steering oil tank, steering knuckle arm, steering tie rod, steering rocker arm, integral steering gear, steering straight rod, steering shock absorber Wait for MAXUS Parts.

The function of the MAXUS steering system is to control the driving direction of the car according to the driver's wishes. The car steering system is very important to the driving safety of the car, so the parts of the car steering system are called security parts.
MAXUS automobile steering system and MAXUS braking system are two systems that must be paid attention to in automobile safety. Modern mid-to-high-end cars and heavy-duty vehicles generally use power steering systems, which not only improve the portability of the car's handling but also improve the safety of the car. The MAXUS power steering system is formed by adding a set of steering after-burning devices relying on the output power of the engine on the basis of the mechanical steering system.

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