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Composition and function of Maxus clutch cover

Composition and function of Maxus clutch cover

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Composition and function of Maxus clutch cover

Maxus clutch cover structure The clutch cover assembly is mainly composed of rivets, transmission plates, moisture-proof rivets, support springs, pressure plates, pressure plate covers, diaphragm springs and other parts.

Ensure the car starts smoothly. After the MAXUS engine is started, before the automatic start, the driver first depresses the clutch pedal, disengages the clutch, disconnects the engine from the drive train, then puts the transmission in gear, and then gradually releases the MAUXS clutch pedal to gradually engage the clutch. During the engagement process, the torque blocked by the engine gradually increases, so the accelerator pedal must be stepped on gradually at the same time, that is, the oil supply to the engine is gradually increased so that the MAXUS engine speed is always kept at the lowest stable speed without stalling. At the same time, as the engagement of the clutch is gradually increased, the torque transmitted from the engine to the drive wheels through the transmission system is also gradually increased. When the traction force is enough to overcome the starting resistance, the MAXUS car starts to move from a standstill and accelerates gradually.
Achieve smooth shifting. During the driving process of the MAXUS car, in order to adapt to the changing driving conditions, the MAXUS transmission system often needs to work in different gears. To realize the shifting of gear transmission, it is generally to toggle the gear or other shifting mechanism, so that one gear pair in the original gear is pushed out of the transmission, and then the gear pair in the other gear is put into operation. Before shifting gears, the clutch pedal must be stepped down to interrupt the power transmission, so that the original gear meshing pair can be easily disengaged, and at the same time, the speed of the new gear meshing pair's meshing position gradually tends to be synchronized, so that the impact when entering the meshing can be greatly reduced, and smooth shifting can be realized. block.
Prevent overloading of the transmission system. When the MAXUS car is in emergency braking, if there is no MAXUS clutch, the speed of the engine will decrease sharply due to the rigid connection with the transmission system, so all moving parts will generate a large moment of inertia. The relative movement between the driving part and the driven part of the clutch can be relied on to eliminate the load on the transmission system beyond its carrying capacity and reduce the damage to parts.

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