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Chevrolet Menlo EV Car

Chevrolet Menlo EV Car

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Chevrolet Menlo EV Car

MENLO is Chevrolet's first pure electric intercity car. He inherited Chevrolet's dynamic aesthetics and perfectly interpreted the design concept of the CHEVROLETFNR-X concept car, creating a long-range sports car that runs freely between cities, interpreting the essence of Chevrolet's century sports genes and design aesthetics. With a compact and smooth stance, the Chevrolet Long Xun highlights the nature of intercity car running, and its pure electric range reaches 410 km, satisfying scenarios of use between city and intercity, bringing pleasure and freedom of driving.
The body dimensions are 4665*1813*1538mm and the wheelbase is 2660mm. both longitudinal, horizontal, front and rear rows can provide sufficient riding space.

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