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Chery Group sold 131,500 vehicles in July

Chery Group sold 131,500 vehicles in July

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Chery Group sold 131,500 vehicles in July

Chery Group released its monthly sales report: In July, Chery Group sold 131,533 vehicles, an increase of 57.7%  From January to July, Chery Group sold a total of 606,783 vehicles, up 19.3% Among them, 198,859 units were exported and 137,895 units of new energy were sold. So far, Chery Group's single-month sales, exports, and new energy in July have all made new history.

Chery Automobile sold 102,441 vehicles in July, up 84.4%; the cumulative sales from January to July were 459,870 vehicles, up 35.5%. The star model Ruihu 8 remained at the top of the list, with sales exceeding 20,000 vehicles in July, achieving sales of 21,080 vehicles, up 35%. it contributed 99,346 global sales from January to July, up 15%. The much-anticipated first model of Chery's new product sequence OMODA, Oumengda, was also officially launched on July 12. Its youthful design language and intelligent and trendy technology configuration target the demand experience of the new generation of young people and will help Chery accelerate the new journey of rejuvenation and globalization.


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