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Changan UNI-K Car

Changan UNI-K Car

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Changan UNI-K Car

Space, UNI-K luxury body dimensions are 4865/1948/1690mm, wheelbase is 2890mm. trunk volume is 518L, rear seats are completely down, and trunk space can reach 1412L.

In terms of power, the entire UNI-K series is equipped with a new generation of Blue Whale 2.0T high-pressure direct injection engine + Aisin 8AT manual transmission powertrain. The maximum power is 171kW and the maximum torque can reach 390N-m. The engine adopts more than 20 advanced technologies such as high-rolling air channels, a 350bar high-pressure direct injection system, dual-scroll tube supercharging, continuous variable displacement oil pump, dual thermostat parallel cooling, water-cooled intercooler, etc.

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Applicable Models

MiniVan: Star Series, V3, CM10 and etc;

Sedan: Benben, Alsvin V3/V5/V7, CX20, EADO series, Raeton, Raeton CC;

SUV: CS15, CS35, CS55, CS75, CS85, CS95, UNI-T, UNI-K;


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