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Car Maintenance Instructions

Car Maintenance Instructions

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Car Maintenance Instructions

Common parts maintenance or replacement cycle, it should be noted that different manufacturers of cars, or the same manufacturer of different prices of cars, maintenance cycle will have a small difference, the above chart is only the basic maintenance cycle. Users should carefully check their own user maintenance manual, or communicate with their car friends to determine their own maintenance time.


Replacement or maintenance intervals



Mineral oil 5000km

Semi-synthetic oil 8000km
Full synthetic oil 10000km

Oil Filter

Random oil change


Air Filter

2 years or 20,000km

Too much dust can be replaced in advance

Gasoline filter

2 years or 20,000km


Air Conditioning Filter

2 years or 20,000km

Bad air can be replaced in advance


4 years or 60,000km


Brake Fluid

3 years or 40,000km

Humid areas can be replaced in advance

Steering power oil

3 years or 40,000km


Brake Pads

3 years or 40,000km

Feel the brake is not sensitive immediately replaced


5 years

Lower than wear and tear to replace immediately


3 years


Wiper blades

1 years



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