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Why choose to use an original quality Brake Drum for BYD

All in all, it is a wise choice to choose an original quality Brake Drum for BYD, which can provide car owners with reliable braking performance and make driving safer and more comfortable.

What is the role of the original quality brake caliper from China

In general, the function of the original quality brake caliper from China is to make the braking system of the car no longer weak, which can shorten the braking distance of the vehicle, improve the braking performance and ensure driving safety. The original quality brake caliper is also equipped with dust boots to prevent foreign particles from damaging the pistons and also matched with anti-squeak shrapnel to fix the brake pads to reduce noise during daily use.

How to keep the OEM quality brake caliper working efficiently

In the daily brake maintenance of auto parts, attention should be paid to rust prevention, lubrication, and dust prevention of the sliding pin of the OEM quality brake caliper. If the sliding pin is found damaged, it should be replaced in time to maintain its good smoothness.
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