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Born Different SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ6

Born Different SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ6

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Born Different SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ6

A few days ago, MotorTec learned from relevant channels that SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ6 was officially launched recently. The 8 configuration versions launched this time cover two powerful forms of plug-in hybrid and pure electric. The price range after subsidies is 159,800-202,800 yuan.

In terms of appearance, the new car follows the design language of the Chase D60. The closed front grille is full of futuristic technology, the slender long light groups on both sides are very sharp, and the fog lights are arranged in the air intakes on both sides, which are very eye-catching.

On the side, the body adopts a broken line with a double waistline design, which is very layered. The blackened wheel eyebrows and side skirts also highlight the sporty feel of the new car. The rear part of the car adopts the popular through-type taillight design, with a blackened rear surround, the overall look is very fashionable.

In terms of interior, both the hybrid and pure electric versions use the same design, and a lot of leather wraps enhance the texture of the whole car. The 2.3-inch full LCD instrumentation, head-up display, and 14-inch vertical display greatly enhance the vehicle's sense of technology. The 14-inch central control display adopts a touch-sensitive design and is embedded with the Zebra Zhixing Internet system, which can control air conditioning and music through voice. , navigation and sunroof open/close, in addition, express delivery inquiry, whether inquiry and other functions can be realized through the voice assistant.

In terms of power, the EUNIQ 6 PLUGIN model is equipped with a plug-in hybrid power system consisting of a SAIC-GM 1.3T engine and a permanent magnet synchronous motor. The maximum power of the engine is 120kW and the maximum power of the motor is 60kW. The comprehensive pure electric cruising range is 62km. For more new car information, we will continue to pay attention!


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