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BYD F3 fuel consumption 5 liters per 100 kilometers

BYD F3 fuel consumption 5 liters per 100 kilometers

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BYD F3 fuel consumption 5 liters per 100 kilometers

As a compact sedan, the BYD F3 has more advantages than the Buick Excelle and Nissan Sunshine in size, so the appearance of the BYD F3 is still relatively prominent, especially after the simple facelift, the use of chrome-plated decorative strips, Chrome-plated wheels and a lot of youthful elements, the overall appearance value can meet the standard of household entry scooter.

BYD F3, Buick Excelle and Nissan Sunshine are the bottom models under their respective brands, and BYD F3 shows more popularity and consumer recognition with its feelings and classics, and the price level of the models has Great advantage, the current entry-level model hovers within 40,000, which is very advantageous.

BYD F3 can be regarded as a generation of classic models, and Buick Excelle and Nissan Sunshine are also classics. The three models have become the products of history. With the increasing number of competing models in the domestic market, the three models are based on cost-effectiveness and practicality. , which can attract some car consumers who just need a family.

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