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BYD's full-scale attack opens a new era of Chinese cars

BYD's full-scale attack opens a new era of Chinese cars

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BYD's full-scale attack opens a new era of Chinese cars

For a generation who has witnessed the development of China's auto industry, the historic moment when it surpassed the United States for the first time in 2009 and became the world's largest auto producer and seller is undoubtedly a pride that will never be forgotten. In the next ten years of development, China's auto market has shifted from volume priority to quality priority. The increasingly mature consumer ecology, the more and more excellent product strength, and the more and more robust local brands have all made Chinese automobiles An integral part of the global automotive landscape.
As the world's first traditional automobile company to fully transform into a new energy vehicle business, BYD's exports of new energy passenger vehicles in September increased by over 50% month-on-month. In the past two months, BYD has signed cooperation agreements with multinational enterprises to jointly promote the development of new energy vehicles. This car company, known as the "first brother of new energy" in China, is transforming the competitiveness of new energy technology into a global influence.
Speaking of new energy, the vast majority of consumers are aware of its existence and even become an inevitable choice when choosing a car, basically concentrated in 2020-2021. During this period, many new energy products with outstanding cost performance began entering ordinary people's homes. If we can trace the source, our country listed new energy vehicles as a national strategic emerging industry as early as 2009-2010 and invested massive resources to promote new energy vehicles.
The sudden emergence of new energy vehicles in China has broken the market barriers in the field of fuel vehicles in Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea for decades, and reconstructed the industry structure and market ecology. Chinese brands will have more opportunities and possibilities to become bigger and stronger.

In the past ten years or so, Chinese brands have gone through difficulties and obstacles, and have been unable to break the market monopoly of foreign brands. The reason is not only the competitive barriers created by the long-term accumulation of overseas brands in the field of fuel vehicles, but also the fact that cheap products have never been able to consolidate the minds of users, and it is difficult to gain a firm foothold in the unpredictable market competition.
And when BYD is the leader, the Chinese car companies that started the new energy transformation have made great progress in technical strength, product competitiveness, and marketing efforts, and gradually formed a comprehensive ability to compete with overseas brands, and even reduce dimensions in some aspects. . At this time, it is no longer necessary to rely on "good quality and low price" to win users when going overseas, but upright and mid-to-high-end overseas products, in terms of styling design, driving texture, configuration level and energy consumption, have achieved partial or even comprehensive surpassing. .
This is reflected in the price. At the end of September, BYD announced its entry into the European market, and launched three models - Han, Tang and Yuan PLUS (ATTO 3), with official pre-sale prices of 72,000 euros, 72,000 euros and 38,000 euros, equivalent to RMB 523,500 and 38,000 euros respectively. 276,300 yuan. Such a price is enough to match the main products of European local luxury brands, and BYD's brand image is evident.
In terms of image construction, BYD has always been reluctant to tell illusory value stories. For more than ten years, BYD has only used technology to speak in the market, and has often staged a magnifying trick of "being bearish on life and death, if you are not satisfied, do it". With a talent accumulation of over 40,000 R&D personnel and over 24,000 authorized patents, BYD has taken a big step forward in the technological level of new energy vehicles.

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