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Another brand of Geely Auto enters the EU market

Another brand of Geely Auto enters the EU market

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Another brand of Geely Auto enters the EU market

Since the acquisition of Volvo, Geely Auto has been committed to promoting globalization. The Emgrand EC7 has reached the standard for exporting to the EU. In 2013, it confirmed that it will develop the EU and North American markets and will receive the support of Volvo. The Lynk & Co 02 was unveiled in Amsterdam in 2018, and the Lynk & Co 01 will be put into production at the Volvo Ghent plant in Belgium. At the same time, Lynk & Co’s European strategy was released to officially enter the EU market.
Before Lynk & Co settled in Europe, Geely’s factory in Belarus was officially put into production, mainly for the Eurasian Economic Community countries, including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc. From Lynk & Co to Geometry, it can be said that Geely has never stopped the pace of expedition. The difference from before is that the Geely brand, which is Geely's own electric brand, is exported to the EU this time.
As we all know, Europe has been regarded as a testing ground for technology and product viability because of its strict emission standards and safety testing. Even a car company like Weilai has to make a precedent for changing the name of the model. In the European market, the Lynk & Co brand adopts the operation method of mainly online sales and opening offline stores at the same time.

Geometry is to cooperate with local dealers and reach an agreement with Hungarian Grand Auto Central Europe. Grand Auto will sell Geely's Geometry C in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
On August 18 this year, Geely Automobile Group CEO Gan Jiayue said that Geely will adhere to the strategic focus of two blue actions from the four aspects of "new energy, intelligence, internationalization and high-end", and accelerate intelligent new energy transition. At the same time, the brand positioning of the Geometry brand was reorganized, and it was clearly defined as a popular "fashionable intelligent pure electric series".
Geely will strengthen the product experience of the Geometry brand on the intelligent network connection. Geometry will cooperate with Huawei Hongmeng for the first time to create a "super-electric digital intelligent cockpit", and will launch two new cars, G6 and M6 in the second half of the year. This time, Geometry's selection to export to the EU market will undoubtedly have a driving role in opening up a larger market, and is more conducive to Geely's globalization layout.
For Chinese car companies to enter the European market, local car companies are more worried. Earlier, then-PSA Group CEO Tang Weishi said, "Once Asian automakers enter the European market with low-priced products and drive down the overall price to a level that makes EU automakers unprofitable, the EU's auto industry will be hit hard. ." He believes that China's electric vehicles are extremely advantageous in terms of price.

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