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2022 Paris Auto Show: BYD Han's debut overseas

2022 Paris Auto Show: BYD Han's debut overseas

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2022 Paris Auto Show: BYD Han's debut overseas

BYDIHAN appeared at the 2022 Paris Auto Show. What is different from the previous impression is that the Chinese auto companies made their debut overseas, not to sell overseas, but to create momentum for subsequent domestic releases and improve the brand image. BYD Han, which was unveiled overseas this time, is the founding version of BYD Han in China. It has already been unveiled, and the subsequent Han models will be sold in Europe.

On September 28, BYD Han announced the pre-sale price in Germany, which is 72000 euros, or about 504900 RMB. Later, it will be delivered in many European countries, including Norway, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and others countries. By the end of this year, BYD will further explore the French and British markets.

BYD Han sold in Europe continues the appearance of the Chinese handed-down version in China. The front of the car no longer uses the "Han" logo, but has become the unified logo of "BYD". At the rear of the vehicle, the Chinese name has also changed to HAN. From the tail label 3.9S and EV, the model on display in China is a 610km four-wheel drive noble model of the Han EV Creation Edition, accelerating from 0-100km/h for 3.9 seconds, with a total motor power of 380kW and a total torque of 700Nm.

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