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2022 Chengdu International Auto Show will be opened on August 26

2022 Chengdu International Auto Show will be opened on August 26

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2022 Chengdu International Auto Show will be opened on August 26

The 25th Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Chengdu International Auto Show") will be held from August 26 to September 4 in West China International Expo City. This will be the first A-class auto show held as scheduled this year, attracting 128 domestic and foreign auto brands such as German, American, French, Japanese, Korean, joint venture and independent, etc., with about 1,600 vehicles on display and an exhibition scale of over 200,000 square meters.


It is reported that this year's Chengdu International Auto Show takes the new theme of "Enjoy Rongcheng - Promote Industry - Stabilize Economy - Harness the Future", and the organizing committee takes "Promote Industry - Stabilize Economy" as the new leading ideology of the show, focuses on the strategic layout of the city, responds to the trend of industrial change, and focuses on the high-quality development plan of the industrial chain. It focuses on the high-quality development plan of the industry chain and promotes the re-upgrading of Chengdu's automobile industry. With the market advantage of the Chengdu International Auto Show, it will release the consumption potential, promote economic growth and contribute to the development of Chengdu auto industry and consumption recovery.


The organizing committee will jointly hold a high-profile automotive forum with the local automotive industry base - 2022 China Automotive Pioneer Forum. The forum will be held on the first day of the exhibition, with the theme of "Towards New - Towards Rong", inviting industry experts to gather in Chengdu to discuss the cutting-edge trends in the development of the auto industry, focus on the high-quality development solutions of the industry chain, share their understanding and insights on the tide of changes in the auto industry from different perspectives, and work together to build a new ecology of a thriving auto industry. The event will be held in Chengdu, China.


In order to boost market consumption, the Chengdu International Auto Show has made an all-out effort this time, and the organizing committee has joined hands with major brand manufacturers to bring year-round purchase price discounts, fully benefiting consumers through a "combination" of government and corporate incentives, and carrying out new car test drive experience, purchase cashback lottery and other activities, in line with the current round of purchase tax reduction by half and the relevant districts (cities) in Chengdu (In addition, for the first time this year, the Chengdu International Auto Show will be held in Chengdu, China.


In addition, the Chengdu International Auto Show this year for the first time to create a trend of camping exhibition area, through the development of a series of trend of camping brand exhibition activities, to create a car technology fashion entertainment show gathering place, highlighting the personality of the new era of community life.


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