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BYD F0 "successor" exposed!

BYD F0 "successor" exposed!

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BYD F0 "successor" exposed!

As a leader in the new energy era, BYD focuses on pure electric models for civilians. BYD Dolphin has become the A-class car sales champion. In addition, miniature cars are also BYD's strengths, such as the BYD F0 model many years ago. At that time, BYD F0 was launched as soon as it was launched It has attracted attention from all walks of life, and its small and exquisite design is very cute, but in the face of the new energy era, BYD F0 is still discontinued. The battery life is 420km + rear-wheel drive system, and the pre-sale price may start from 68,800!


The new BYD A0-class pure electric vehicle is named Seagull. BYD Seagull has more advantages than other A0-class pure electric vehicles. Wuling mini pure electric battery has a maximum battery life of 300km, while BYD Seagull has a maximum battery life of 420km. BYD Seagull pre-sale The price should be around 68,800-88,800 yuan, focusing on youthfulness and cost-effectiveness. For ordinary office workers, BYD Seagull is a good choice.

At present, BYD has new energy A-class cars, B-class cars, SUVs, MPVs and other models, but it lacks an A0-class pure electric vehicle. Therefore, BYD's entry into the pure electric A0-class field is inevitable. Let's take a look at BYD Seagull What is the strength of ? First of all, BYD Seagull is also built on the e3.0 platform, and it can also be regarded as a reduced version of BYD Dolphin. Compared with other models of the same level, BYD Seagull has inherent advantages.

It can be seen that with BYD's excellent three-electric technology, BYD Seagull may become a popular model in the range of 60,000-80,000 yuan. In addition, the battery life parameters of BYD Seagull are about 250km-420km, and consumers can choose according to their different needs. Different models.

On the whole, the BYD Seagull is indeed very good. No matter the power, space or configuration, it is much stronger than other models of the same level. I believe that after the BYD Seagull is launched, it will definitely conquer the entire A0-class car market.

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