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MotorTec Auto Parts is a one-stop auto parts supplier for all BYD cars, including F0, F3, F3R, F6, S6, S7, L3, G3, G3R, e5, e6, SURUI, SONG and etc.


As BYD auto parts wholesaler and supplier in China, we could provide customers Original BYD auto parts, auto spare parts from BYD OEMs, and good quality replacement BYD auto spare parts, including car engine parts, suspension parts, steering parts, chassis parts, bearings, filters, body parts, fuel supply system, lamps, bumpers, ignition system.


Genuine BYD Auto Parts


Quality Aftermarket BYD auto parts


As a professional BYD auto spare parts dealer, we could provide our customers good and professional service.

* Good quality auto parts with competitive price

* Professional auto parts packaging

* On-time delivery


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